CLASSmagazine & USAfrica Special feature:
HRH Eze Sam n Ugoeze Ihekwoaba's celebration of his new position (as Omere oha 2nd of Ihitta-Ogada in Owerri in Imo State). He's a former member of the U.S army and a sheriff.

The events which took place in his former base city of Houston, Texas on Saturday October 29, 2011, was attended by the chairman of the Imo State Council of chiefs HRH Eze Sam Ohiri and several dignitaries.

The chairman of the well-attended event was Mazi Dan Akaluso.

Meanwhile, "USAfrica and CLASSmagazine Founder Dr. Chido Nwangwu commends Eze Sam Ihekwoaba for his dedication to our heritage, our diaspora community, his versatile and gracious attitude and an incomparable sense of rib-cracking humor."

Exclusive profile of Eze Ihekwoaba and the special event coming in a few weeks in the African diaspora communities' professional grade magazine, CLASS. Book your space and copies.

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