All Saints Anglican Women conference Houston May 2012. The Leader/President of the Women group at the church Lady Georginia Onyinye Agim was interviewed by CLASSmagazine and USAfrica Publisher Dr. Chido Nwangwu on the special event and its theme. Excerpts:

What was the theme: ‘A Christian Woman in a Changing Society.’ The following topics were discussed under the theme: 1) Woman of Faith. 2) Prayerful Woman. 3) Family and Marriage.

The goals: 1) Identify ways the society is changing. 2) Identify a Christian woman’s appropriate role in the changing society. 3) Recognize that the Christian woman should influence/ impact positively the changing society for God rather than just follow things of the world.

The key speakers: Our own pastor, Rev. James Ohaju led the opening and closing prayer and set the tone for the conference. Three other key speakers followed:
  1. Ms. Keziah Suwa – Eloquent and powerful woman of God spoke on ‘Woman of Faith’ – drawing from the biblical women of God, such as, Sarah, Rebecca, Rehab, Abigail, Deborah, Esther, Mar, the mother of Jesus, and a host of others.
  2. Pastor Lenda Jones – Passionate and deliberate woman of God spoke on ’Prayerful Woman’ – who take firm stand against the enemy (the Satan and his angels) by constantly being prayerful.
  3. Dr. Ruby Ibekwe – sincere and rooted in the topic of Family and Marriage, spoke passionately on the spiritual, mental, and sexual roles of the Christian woman.
  4. The need for humility and spirit of repentance and forgiveness in the life of a Christian woman was stressed across the board – good for the one’s body , mind, and spirit.

Participants: The participants were the women of All Saints Anglican Church, Houston. Other women from the neighboring churches who attended were welcomed. There were about 64 participants in attendance. They were all happy with the message presented, the entertainments provided, and the setting. They found the conference exiting and informative.

The outcome of the Conference: The participants were very happy with the theme of the conference, the speakers, the presentations, and actually, everything about the conference. Their responses were: “I learned a lot of new things.” “God can really use anyone who is available and willing.” “I can certainly pray anywhere and anytime to God for little as well as for big things.” “I know that I do not have to be guided by worldly things but by what is in the word of God.” “I am my husband’s help mate. My body is for my husband as his is mine, and only me should satisfy his sexual needs.” Many participants asked, “When can we have this again?” “Can we make an annual event?”

The event planners/organizers were:
Chief Lady Onyinyechukwu Agim, Women President and conference host.
Lady Adanma Akatobi, Conference Chairperson
Mrs. Sophia Allison, Women vice President
Mrs. Chioma Anaele, Conference Secretary and PRO
Mrs. Dolly Jones, Conference Treasurer
Mrs. Nancy Aniekwe, Member
Mrs .Elizabeth Ifeobu, Member
Mrs. Edna Oheri, Member
Mrs. Florence Onwusoanya, Member
Lady Ngozi Ezeji, Member
Ms. Ngozi Mbogu, Member
Mrs. Rose Ibe, Member
Mrs.Ada Uwalaka, Member
Ms.Chioma Amadi, Member
Mrs. Ngozi Ohaegbulam

Role played by the pastor of the church: The pastor of the church, Rev. James Ohaju, was instrumental to identifying the need for and the theme of this year’s women’s conference. This was done in collaboration with me, Lady Onyinyechukwu Agim, the women president and the host of the conference. Rev. Ohaju set the goals and the topics to be presented by the speakers to address the theme of the conference. He was helpful and guided the evet planner from the very beginning to the end of it.

Any Plans for next year: Definitely, there is going to be another conference like this next year. We hope to start much earlier to put things together for it. We hope that this time around it will have more publicity and increased turnout.
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