CLASSmagazine Special feature:
1324 compelling images of Lucia and Basil Otti Wedding bash in New Jersey, already on www.PhotoWorks.TV

In the evening of September 10, 2011, the ever-stylish and cheerful Lucia 'Lolo Akpaka 1' and the gentleman extraordinaire Dr. Basil Otti were joined in matrimony for what, in USAfrica and CLASSmagazine's estimation, lived up to be New Jersey's Wedding of the Year!

The solemn and message filled church service and the colorful reception bash took place at the Edison hotel. There were guests from every region/coast of the United States of America, Nigeria, U.K., and the rest of Europe. Special PhotoWorks by Dr. Chido Nwangwu, clocking a whopping 1324 pictures of the substance and style of Lucia and Basil's memory-rich day.

The exclusive feature in the print edition of the award-winning CLASSmagazine is coming, very soon.
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